1. Smiley 5/8 Slim Duck 465

    If you're looking for a new rubber-duck style antenna to get the most from your HT wattage, take a look at the Smiley Antenna 5/8 Slim Duck 465 ($24.50 https://www.smileyantenna.com/product-p/46520.htm). In my testing with my Nano VNA, the SWR at GMRS frequencies is low, well below 2:1. It has an interchangeable base, so you can move it from one style of HT to another with a different antenna connector simply by buying the $6 base connector for the new radio. I have not had a chance to do much ...
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  2. GPS mapping software

    After our exercise last evening using GPS mapping to identify the appropriate jurisdiction using GPS coordinates and mapping, I realized that although I am using a good Iphone app (IHikeGPS) which includes access to all USGS and USFS quads, on up to 250k USGS maps, it's not too helpful to locate the jurisdiction quickly and a little challenging to quickly input a GPS point. I decided to pull out my trusty Arizona Roads and Recreation Atlas to see if that would do the trick. It does to a large ...
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