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  1. Pause and Take a Breath

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    As a two-way radio professional, I have heard the question asked numerous times “Why does the first syllable of my conversations cut off when I am using the repeater?” and sometimes people even ask this question regarding direct (simplex) radio communication. This article explains why that occurs and while the title of this article may give you a clue as to the most logical solution, the full article goes on to provide you with a thorough understanding what’s behind ...
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  2. Mute Your Stereo Automatically

    Do you like to cruise down the road with your Radio blaring, or even just at a normal listening volume?
    Your not alone. It's annoying having to turn down the radio, or off, when you want to transmit. Sometimes it can also be hard to hear what's being said without turning it down - it's a constant battle between the stereo and the two way.

    Ever want a solution that takes care of doing this for you automatically? I did, and I found one.
    Most cars, and especially aftermarket stereo ...
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