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    On December 23rd, the FCC adopted changes to it’s proposal for license fees. The approved fee for new and renewal GMRS applications will be $35. Initially, they proposed a $50 fee. This means GMRS fees have been reduced from $70 to $35. This should result in additional reasons for those who don’t want to pay an FCC fee to do so.

    Amateur applications will be increased from no fee to $35.

    The rule change should be in effect 30 days after the publication ...
  2. Kenwood radios for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by WQYP827 View Post
    I'm trying to amass an inventory of surplus radios for our members to purchase. This past week I collected some inventory and I'm passing on deals to our members. All radios have been tested for transmit and receive. They include a microphone, bracket and mounting screws. I will also program one time at no additional charge. Below is the list I have currently. For our members I can invoice you and accept credit cards for payment.

    4 x Kenwood TK-880's = $80 each - 25 watts, 250 channels,

    Updated 05-14-2020 at 07:34 PM by WQYP827

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  3. Podcast February 2020

  4. Part 90 Radios Are Allowed On GMRS Per FCC

    Here is the link to a document by the FCC:

    In it there is the question of if GMRS is allowed to use Part 90 radios.
    In the Notes section of the document:
    Per n149 of FCC 17-57, the preceding serves to “clarify” the preceding/replaced 95.655(a):
    – n149 Several commenters are concerned that the proposal to prohibit combination radios would prevent GMRS licensees
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  5. Podcast February, 2019

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