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After our exercise last evening using GPS mapping to identify the appropriate jurisdiction using GPS coordinates and mapping, I realized that although I am using a good Iphone app (IHikeGPS) which includes access to all USGS and USFS quads, on up to 250k USGS maps, it's not too helpful to locate the jurisdiction quickly and a little challenging to quickly input a GPS point. I decided to pull out my trusty Arizona Roads and Recreation Atlas to see if that would do the trick. It does to a large extent, except that it's a bit hard to read the GPS tick marks on the edge of the map and I still need to estimate the exact location, which is challenging when doing it in a hurry. I decided to look into the new Roads and Recreation Atlas (it's $29 on Amazon) and discovered that the same company, Benchmark Maps, makes a statewide digital version. It runs on the Avenza Maps app, which I believe is free and the Topo Maps+ app. I went with Avenza as I already have the app for the Payson area OHV trails. The digital statewide map costs $8 and you download it directly into the Avenza Maps app. It's brilliant. You can press one button, select "Find by Coordinates," type in the GPS coordinates (in any configuration they come in), and it plots the point on the map. The map shows County, Forest Service, National Park Service, and even State Trust and BLM land boundaries. It's not detailed enough to really zoom in, but it's quick and effective to get a location on the map. It also allows you to transfer those found locations to Google Maps and the Iphone Maps app, which provides driving directions to the point (if that is necessary) and snap geolocated photos and plot them directly on the map, if you'd like. It works on Ipad and Iphone for the same price. I'm sold. I'm a Mac user, so I can't speak to what it can do on Android phones, but the Avenza Maps app is on both platforms and the Roads and Recreation Map apparently works on both. The app allows you to measure distance directly on the map, and area of polygons if you need to measure the area of a large area. Nice tool to add to the toolbox.
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