Membership Options

  • Short Term Visitor
  • $0
  • Up To Two Weeks per Year
  • Access to White Tanks Repeater
  • Temp Access Tones
  • Transient Member
  • $15 per year
  • Part Time Residents, State Visitors
  • Access to White Tanks Repeater
  • Member Profile on Site
  • Radio Gear Discounts
  • Regular Member
  • $36 per year
  • Annual
  • Access to Club Repeaters
  • Member Profile on Site
  • Membership Vote
  • Radio Gear Discounts
  • Zello App Talk Permissions
  • Life Member
  • $1200 one time
  • One Time Donation or Cumulative
  • Access to Club Repeaters
  • Member Profile on Site
  • Membership Vote
  • Radio Gear Discounts
  • Zello App Talk Permissions
  • Special Tag In Club Forums

Membership FAQ

Short Term Visitor
This level is for those who only need repeater access for a very short period of time. An example would be those visiting from out of town. Once approved we would give you a temporary access tone to use on the White Tanks Repeater for up to two weeks.

Transient Member
Arizona is often the go-to spot for winter weather and seasonal visitors, and we offer a seven month membership at a flat rate. This $15 flat rate is non-recurring. Additionally, proof of residency outside of the state is required for this.

Regular Member
This membership level is a fulltime AZ resident. Membership dues cover one full year from the date you join. Has access to all club repeaters and a full profile on our website.

Lifetime Member
Feeling generous? For a One Time Donation or Cumulative of all donations (includes membership dues) made you can become a Lifetime Member to support the club.
Radio and Equipment Requirements?
The AGRC utilizes split tones on the club repeater (550 on White Tanks), meaning our input and output tones are different. This isn't a typical setup, so please check to make sure your radios and equipment can utilize different tones for the input and output.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?
We use PayPal to process dues and subscriptions, which accepts all major credit cards and most debit cards, as well as your PayPal account. We can also accept checks and cash(in person at events).

What if I join in the middle of the year?
Membership is based on a full year, 365 days. If you join in October you are good till September of the next year.

Is the site secure? Will my payment info be OK?
We don't process your information!
We use industry standard encryption on the site for everything. Additionally, you are sent to PayPal to complete your transaction, none of your payment information is passed through or stored on our site. Ever. If something goes wrong, you have the power of PayPal to fix it.