Author: Frank Scaglione

Hello! Young(er) ham/GMRS radio dude living in beautiful Arizona, USA. My hobbies include off-roading, cars, cycling, camping, traveling and fitness. I'm fairly new to radio and still learning. I started by getting my GMRS license in November, 2022, mainly for off-roading and emergency communications. After being pushed by several friends (mainly my buddy Kenny KI5TLH), I took my Technician exam in June, 2023. Soon after, I got bit by the HF bug, and passed my General in September, 2023. I passed Amateur Extra in November, 2023, testing the same day with my good friend and elmer, Brian WN7D. For HF, I'm running a Yaesu FT-710 with a Chameleon Delta Loop at my home shack, or an ICOM 7300 at the local ham club. I enjoy chasing DX across the globe on SSB and FT8. For 2m/70cm, I run an Anytone 878 UVII Plus HT or a QYT 7900D for mobile. I'm usually listening to the mighty 34/94 (146.940) on the White Tank Mountains, which covers most of the Phoenix metro. I'm a big fan of the OpenSpot 4 Pro hotspot for DMR. When I'm on DMR, I'm listening to Arizona 3104 and US Nationwide 3100. As an avid off-roader, I started my radio journey with GMRS (WRVG584). I am a member and ambassador of AZGMRS, and a member of the Southwest Community Radio System (SWCRS). I'm also a net controller for both organizations. Professionally, I am a life-long entrepreneur and former law enforcement officer. I'm the President & Chief Creative Officer of a national digital marketing agency I started 15 years ago, and also own a book publishing company. I went to grad school at Iowa State University, and have my Master of Business Administration.